EZNIX has received a business order for an

28 Aug 2017

EZNIX has received a business order for an "Interactive AI Robot Secretary Messenger Linkage" from KEPCO.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Voice Recognition Speakers have enabled the messenger function to be performed.

EZNIX has been working on the construction of an interactive power information AI, and has also received a development project that implements messenger function by messenger voice command and AI Solution Linkage.

The main business content allows the use of voice recognition speakers which are installed in the office, and when the command messenger function is executed by voice, the function is executed or the result of the inquiry is verified by voice.

The AI solution is the NIMOKO (Artificial Intelligence Voice Secretary System) of Ahope, Ltd.

The messenger features that can be controlled by voice are "Change my status information, Call the designated user (click-to-call), Designated user status information, and unconfirmed message count ". These are currently under development and in commercial testing.

The project will be piloted by the KEPCO Nam Seoul branch; it is expected that its usage will be gradually increased.

This is the first case that will combine Messenger with AI, which has recently been called the core of the fourth industrial revolution. Eznix is expected to be able to supply products and satisfy customers based on the technology accumulated through additionally processing joint development of the Chat-bot Linkage and others.