Korea Investment & Securities introduced UC Messenger Upgrade and Mobile Messenger of EZNIX.

12 Oct 2017

Korea Investment & Securities is a traditional securities company that has been leading Korea's investment trust industry since its foundation as Korea's first investment trust company in 1974.

Its total assets are 36 trillion won, and it operates 87 branches nationwide, with about 2,500 employees.

In 2001, it introduced EzQ products of EZNIX for the first time. These products have been upgraded three times already, and the 4th upgrade is under way as of 2017.

The main driving forces behind this upgrade were the need to advance the messenger service for employees' Smart Work support, the expansion of the company's IP phones and the confirmation of messengers via smartphones. It was constructed with the following main contents in mind:

-. Mobile Optimization: non-stop communication anytime, anywhere.

-. User Convenience: customer-oriented UX, message amount, communication enhancement.

-. Cloud-Type Structure: Server storage method data compatibility, expansion of web management function, security enhancement.

-. IP-Phone Link: IP-PBX linked calling in messenger / control, checking user's phone status, etc.

Korea Investment & Securities expects to increase user convenience and efficiency of business through this upgrade of the messenger system.