Enhancement of the Korea Western Power Messenger system

4 Jan 2018

Korea Western Power has four power plants (TaeAhn, PyeongTaek, West Incheon, and Gunsan Power Plant) which take up about 10 % of the total domestic power generation capacity.

The total number of employees is approximately 2200 and has continued to upgrade EzQ Messenger since the introduction of it. 

This enhancement project will revolutionize the wired and wireless work environment through upgrading existing messengers and building new PC compatible-mobile messenger and it will build the foundation for future mobile work in Korea West Power.

Main contents of this upgrade in the mobile segment are solid security measures for access to internal documents through MDM and paper-converting solutions, and the multi-authorization system with OPT and FIDO based on fingerprint authentication technologies.

Through this messenger enhancement project, Korea Western Power expects to push forward with its road map that will revolutionize the work by making convenient mobile working environment and strengthening the security within the mobile environment.