Development of Lotte Shopping ‘Performance Management System’

8 Nov 2018

Lotte Shopping has been using the Eznix Business Messenger for 12 years since 2006.

We have been upgrading EzQ 8.0 in 2017 and are currently carrying out a function improvement project that is very useful to business.

When a user writes a memo that he or she considers to be a performance, sends it after checking the system link, the message system of the messenger is automatically registered in the performance management system.

In the case of the existing process, the person in charge has to register his/her performance directly through the performance management system login, thereby forgetting or missing the time to register.

As a result, there were problems with missing performance registration or difficulties in assessing employees.

"This system will allow us to look forward to a better performance management system for Lotte Shopping and to set up a working class with another system." said Yoo Jung seok, head of the project.