2019 KEPCO KDN Upgrade Business Order

6 Sep 2019

Eznix signed an upgrade contract for KEPCO KDN in August 2019. KEPCO KDN was established in January 1992 and provides total services such as monitoring, diagnosis and control of the power system, and information management of the power project by applying advanced power ICT technology in the entire process of power system from power generation to rapid power supply, power transmission, distribution, and sales. About 3,000 executives and employees work at 14 regional headquarters and oversee the entire computer system of the nation's power generation companies. KEPCO KDN, which leads the system of power generation industry in Korea, introduced EzQ Messenger in 2012 and is currently using it as a major communication system for executives and employees. KEPCO KDN decided to upgrade its messenger service to meet changing IT Trends and to improve system satisfaction and business productivity of users. Upgraded EzQ Messenger v8.0 offers a variety of functions: sending and receiving message and dialogue integrated message box, recall of sent message, user-friendly UI, providing convenience in interworking with various systems, more powerful note and conversation features, etc. In addition, the newly introduced link with IP-PBX will enhance the UC function of dialing, checking telephone status, and checking telephone receivers in the messenger. EzQ Messenger is expected to continue its role as KEPCO KDN's primary communication channel, as it now has technology that fits the trend and enhanced security.