Determination of "Outbound Call Signal Management Using Messenger" patent registration

8 Oct 2019

Patent-registeration : wp 10-2017-0031853

Patent Title: device, system and method for managing outbound signals using messengers  

Registration Date : 08.2019 

Founded in 2000, EZINX is a 19-year-old business messenger builder that accommodates and solves various customers' inconveniences depending on the characteristic of its business messenger.

With the recent expansion of services linking instant messaging and IP phones, more and more call center employees are consulting via messenger.

To manage the performance of call center consultants, each team have to analyze the number of calls to customers through a separate call center server.

This patent is a technology of Messenger to automatically calculate the results of a call center counselor by analyzing the phone data received from the call center counselor's IP phone and communicating the information to the performance system.

Also, using the advantages of messanger, a call connection is automatically connected to another counselor if the status of the counselor is displayed as 'busy' and 'in consultation'.

As messenger has become more intelligent recently, its use in various business areas has been increasing. We look forward to the business opportunity to continue to provide technologies that are consistent with this change.