Korea Power Exchange (KPX) Business Messenger Business Orders

23 Dec 2019

The Korea Power Exchange was established by the government in April 2001 and is a company that carries out power transactions, systems and real-time power supply operations from all power-related companies, including KEPCO. 

The main roles of the Korea Power Exchange include operating the power market in the domestic power industry, operating the power system, real-time power supply operation and setting up basic plans for power supply. 

The Korea Power Exchange changed its work messenger to Eznix's EzQ Messenger8.0 product from an existing product to overcome difficulties in responding to the latest OS environment and supporting mobile messengers. 

EzQ Messenger 8.0 is designed to perform tasks such as searching for users, checking for real-time messages and conversations through work messengers in the mobile environment, allowing users to expand various business systems, including groupware, in the future. 

Also, it is a key content of this implementation purpose to increase task productivity and efficiency by implementing real-time notification functions through linkage with the time system. 

Major functions include user-grouping centered on organizational charts, dialog functions and UI with the latest features, a secure note, recall functions for sent messages, and administrator functions that enable system monitoring and service control.