Order of Mobile Work Messenger Business for Remote Work at Korea Appraisal Board

23 Mar 2020

The Korea Appraisal Board was established in April 1969 and is a public corporation under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport that conducts statistical and information management work on the price of real estate and investigation and management of support for real estate market policies.

It is based in Daegu, consisting of 55 chapters and 30 offices of 17 offices of headquarters 4 nationwide, and has about 1,500 executives and employees. 

The Korea Appraisal Board considered introducing new messengers depending on the inability to respond to new OSs due to the aging of existing messengers, the need for better services, changes in the way data is stored on servers and expansion of mobile operations. As a result, they purchased eznix's messenger through the procurement agency's Nara Market.

Eznix established the Daejeon Center in 2018 for rapid customer service in areas south of Daejeon. The government offices, Daejeon and Sejong areas can be serviced within an hour, and the areas in Naju, Daegu, Busan, Gyeongju and Ulsan can be serviced within two to three hours.

In addition, the server storage system allows users to check their messages/conversations at any location, and can also view the same messenger service as inside the office in the mobile environment.

Moon Chang-sub, director of Eznix, said, "The Korean Appraisal Board needed mobile communication because it had a lot of time working outside of the company due to its work characteristics. The introduction of the mobile messenger will allow real-time work in remote locations,' he said.