EZNIX applied Patent Application regarding Contents of Approval Message.

6 Jun 2015

Recently, as the internal work that is using the Messenger increases, the roles of general announcement and business message with partners are growing.

Accordingly, there have been instances where customers’ announcement message contents were sent without approval from senior workers and made irrevocable problems. From this point of view, EZNIX studied technology that can add a process of approval from a senior worker when sending messages, and applied for a patent application. [Patent Application Contents] *Invention Title: Message Transfer Method through the approval of the transfer and Messenger Server which use it.

*Application Date : 2014.04.29

*Application Number : 10-2014-0051774

*Applicant : EZNIX

In the system that uses technology to detect uncomfortable matters before the customer’s request, EZNIX looks forward to do its best regarding ongoing customer satisfaction and product development.