POSCO engineering & construction Co., Ltd. is in the process of upgrading to the Business Messenger

9 Jun 2015

POSCO engineering & construction is a general construction company that was launched in December 1994. It is working on a comprehensive series of projects such as design, construction and trial run, and has a wide variety of business areas including environmental and energy plants, new town development, SOC business, and construction of skyscrapers.

Throughout the world, POSCO has 14 overseas subsidiaries, and 7 branch offices. In Korea, it has each offices in Songdo, Kwangyang, Pusan and Incheon. POSCO engineering & construction co., first built a business messenger in 2002, which is doing well, as it has expanded to 3,300 users over 10 years. POSCO has also advanced Messenger by strengthening Messenger self-security through DB encryption solution linkage and many other improvements like this. Recently, as the in-house Messenger usage rate has increased, there has been a need for response to OS changes, the users` continuous improvement requests, and for stable functioning. Therefore, POSCO upgraded to v 7.1 EzQ Engine in June 2014. The existing messenger could only specify a recipient, but now, the system is able to change the E-mail user interface form such as the subject line, CC lists, and BCC lists. The system is also able to confirm history of message/conversation/file transfer through a unified message box. In addition, the EzQ Engine v 7.1 will be able to link with IP-PBX and mobile extensions easily in the future, which suggests visions for the Next System of introducing staff at the same time.