GS Certification of the EZNIX representative product, the EzQ Engine 7.0

1 Jun 2015

On July 5th, 2011, EZNIX acquired GS Certifications for the EzQ Engine 7.0 from the Korean information and communication technology association (TTA).

The GS (Good Software) certification is the national official recognition of quality notarization mark which is given by the Korean information and communication technology association (TTA) to softwares that pass strict  function and efficiency tests for 2 months based on ISO/IEC international standards.

After the acquisition of notarization, the software will be designated as a subject of priority purchase from the government and reliability for the product will be raised from the general enterprise.

After the GS certification acquisition, EZNIX will supply a 3rd party price contract for smooth product delivery, and will acquire the common basis of assessment CC notarization for proof of security stability and reliability by the products of EZNIX.

In order to raise brand power, the EZNIX planning team replied as “will do its best to get international
standard notarization acquisition for product quality and security.”