EzQ Mobile Messenger for Android v1.0 was acquired Mobile Messenger GS notarization as the first in

3 Jun 2015

On January 7th 2013, EZNIX acquired  GS notarization from Korea Telecommunications Technology Association for the business mobile messenger (Model Name : EzQ Mobile Messenger for Android v1.0)which can communicate same as inner company even from mobile condition.

If there’s constructed  EzQ Engine v7.0 which is business PC messenger that acquired
GS notarization in 2011, it could be linked basically in Mobile Messenger that acquired
this time, and it is able to apply the same functions on PC like as message send/receive, talk,
a state information, file transfer and reception contents confirmation etc.

Eznix is already receiving approved verifications for Mobile Messenger Technique from
Korea broadcast communication commission, ShinHan finance, KBS, Samsung fire and KEPCO.

This time, by the official notarization from  TTA supervision it was more strengthened
the quality, efficiency and stabilization.
Most of all, it is great meaning that acquired official notarization as the first mobile business messenger in Korea.