ShinHan Financial Group ?: Built EzQ Mobile Messenger

3 Jun 2015

ShinHan Financial Group followed in 2011 integrated communication environmental construction plan and it built UC which is based on EzQ Messenger.

Through the Sysco IP-PBX and connection, at first it built a quick communication environment like as call at once from messenger, checking counterpart call state information and managing Call History etc. 2012, upon mobile business environment extension plan, it built Android or I-phone based application from previously built mobile version.

The functions which applying from the mobile messenger are to compose the organization chart and the user group same as PC messenger and distinguish connection status from PC and mobile. Also it will be able to maintain business persistence in and out of office by the work message and talk which are important communication functions. Basically, with the establishment function which is same as the general portal mobile messenger like as changing back ground, place emoticon and alarming message/talk receiving, it is considering convenience of the users as maximum. By building messenger user base IP-PBX and wire, wireless mobile integrated communication environment ShinHan Financial Group equipped real communication system in 15 subsidiary companies.