EZQ Mobile Messenger for Android V1.0 ( Mobile Messenger) was registered at Public Procurement Se

4 Jun 2015

EZNIX completed `EzQ Mobile Messenger `registration at Public Procurement Service and it revealed that it stands in public section business reinforcement.

A special feature of EzQ Mobile Messenger is perfect linkage with EzQ PC Messengerv7.0(registered at Public Procurement Service ), organization chart base User list, supplying Condition Information and possibility of doing message/talk as same as PC messenger.

When the user logged out it will be able to check messages that delivered to the person through ONE PUSH server, also the reconfirm receipt function is included and it is possible to check message confirmation or not of the counterpart at real-time. It is constructed already using from ShinHan Financial Group,Samsung fire Insurance, DaeWoo Securities Co., Ltd. TongYang Investment Co., Ltd. and Hyndai Securities Co., Ltd etc. It is actively using at below Corporations and Universities :KBS, Haitai Crown Co., Ltd. DongHee industry, Korean Register of Shipping, pulmuone and Korea Polytechnics University etc. Even though the mobile messenger introduction from the public agency is coming to be late because of the standard of the mobile solution from the National Intelligence Service is not clear at this moment, EZNIX acquired GS notarization and registered at Public Procurement Service in advance under preparing the mobile construction guide which is coming out in 2013. And it can be prepared the base which the government offices people in charge are easier of purchasing.

Contract Term : A year from 2/19/2013 to 2/14/2014

Identification Number : 2247139